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My Media for the ULTRA NERD blog

I did two media projects this evening in conjunction with the creation of this blog. The first was the background picture, which I agonized over. I wanted a pastiche of nerdy things but wasn't sure how to go about it.
In the end I decided to go with a literal collage put together from things in my room. A bunch of comics and trades, some DVDs, a mound of action figures, some busts, a phaser, a bunch of dice, miniatures, and Heroclix, as well as other assorted Nerd miscellanea. Including a T-Rex because F!^? it, it's a T-Rex!

The Title Card I did myself as well. The background is a Frank Frazetta painting. A pretty awesome one too. The rest I did.
I wanted to go with just Ultra Nerd but that was taken by some Blogger who did one post in '05. So I decided to go full-on pulp with it and I think I hit it just right.
I am particularly happy with the umbrella of Capes, Dice, and Lightsabers.

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