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DC New Genesis : Week 1

Action Comics
Well, the wait is over and it was well worth it. My expectations were high and they were met. This book is longer than average and jams a lot of story in (see the $3.99 pricetag). I dig the struggles of young Superman. It's a part of his tale that has not been told in quite this fashion before but still feels true to the character. He has to work hard to be a hero. One day it will come easier to him, but not today. And with Lex Luthor and General Lane gunning for him, tomorrow doesn't look good either. I like the mad-genius-for-hire Lex Luthor in this issue as well.

Animal Man
This book was great. I liked the family interactions and the characterizations of the whole Baker clan. I liked the little fourth wall nod Jeff Lemire has on the first page (tip of the hat to Grant Morrison's AM). The reveal of the antagonists is AMAZING. Terrifying and unexpected. I am psyched to keep reading this book! A+

Well, I still don't agree with the editorial decision but I really enjoyed this issue of Batgirl. Really energetic, heroic, and human. Good dialogue and good characters. It is dealing with the issue of Barbara's paralysis so I will reserve judgement until I see where it goes. I am also interested in the mysterious mirror murderer and the connection between his victims.

Some people like Judd Winick and some people don't; I like Judd Winick and I really liked Batwing. There's good action mixed with an interesting setting. It's got an awesome shock in it too. Watch out, readers! I would recommend this highly to those who like violent, gritty comics. Also, I want to learn more about the history of Africa's superheroes in the New 52.

Detective Comics
I'll be honest, it wasn't my favorite of the week. The art was good and the story was ok. It's a mystery that's piqued my interest and the last page is a horror-show that's got me at the edge of my seat. However it just didn't gel for me the way so many of this week's books did. It wasn't bad by any means, I think I just expected more of Detective Comics #1. It's the company's titular book, you know? I think they should have gone bigger. Still, it's worth reading especially if you're a Joker fan-- and who isn't?

Green Arrow
I was not impressed. I didn't dislike the character of Green Arrow but he is not anything like Oliver Queen. He feels so bland and blase next to the dashing GA I know and love. I really dislike his two new "sidekicks" who function like his Oracle. They are annoying and cliche. Also, the idea of shooting a transmitter arrow into the dashboard of a boat and remote-controlling it is ridiculous. I like trick arrows, but only when they make a little sense. The villains weren't bad and I liked the art however it doesn't redeem the book or the new, lame character of Green Arrow. This is my first strike.

Hawk and Dove
This book didn't work for me on several levels. I am not a fan of Rob Liefeld's art t0 begin with but I feel it's particularly sketchy (you'll excuse the pun) in this instance. There's nothing in this issue to make you care about either character. Hawk is an angry ass and Dawn is uninteresting aside from a possibly tawdry insinuation about her and Don Hall (the original Dove). Not having felt very attached to the characters anyway I am not compelled by this story in the least. Strike.

Justice League International
A few thoughts on this. I found it a little clumsy and boring in the beginning with the UN Delegates. I think the scene was unnecessary. The team is awesome. A really great blend of JLI classics with some new blood that fit well. The bombing and Hall of Justice stuff really didn't strike me as that interesting. Overall, I liked it but didn't love it. It might just be off to a slow start. It's certainly not a strike and I am confident that JLI will find its legs soon.

Men of War
I found my self surprised to really enjoy this book. The tales of a modern Corporal (Sgt.) Rock in the army were really awesome and exciting. Joseph Rock, grandson of the original, in this first issue disobeys orders and refuses promotion. He just wants to be a soldier. A bit cliche but the assault scene more than made up for it and provided Rock with some predictable character development. I look forward to seeing him as part of the new DCU. "You're a sergeant, Rock". Plus there's a cool back-up story about Navy SEALs to justify the $3.99 cover price.

I LOVED IT! Maybe my favorite book of the week. A really great homage to Jack Kirby in style and art. I can't say enough about the whole team who collaborated on this title. Art, writing, layouts, everything gels so well. It's Kirby done about as well as anyone other than the original can do it. Plus it's got Fourth World and original OMAC references. Crazy creatures galore! I loved OMAC!

Static Shock
Static Shock was fun. I didn't know what to expect and I got an entertaining read that felt like a good take on this Milestone character newly added to the larger DCU. I liked that he's a scientist and he uses that in battle (him fighting in NYC almost felt a little Spider-Man-esque). Plus the rogues gallery of weirdo gangsters that are targeting Static look awesome. I can't wait to see more of them.

This book was also on the lower spectrum of books I liked this week. I really liked all the scenes with Harry Tanner on the moon: those were awesome and disturbing. I was not fond of the Apollo and Midnighter stuff. I want to know how their history has been changed because I liked their relationship from the Authority. Martian Manhunter had a cool moment talking about "shapeshifting" to deal with different crisis, but was underused. Stormwatch is not a strike but I am not very confident.

Swamp Thing
This is another title that lived up to high expectations. A modern take on a classic DC horror character that strikes all the right chords of mystery, suspense, superheroes, and horror. The scene with the scientists at the archeological dig is hideous and awesome. Great job by the artist Yanick Paquette who also has a very nice version of Superman in his new duds. Swamp Thing is sophisticated suspense at its best. Highly recommended.

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